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Graduate Profiles

Genesis Morales

Genesis Morales was born in Yamasa, Dominican Republic.  As a little girl, she dreamed of what life might be like in the U.S., and when her parents were able to move to New York City, she was ecstatic to take advantage of the opportunities that the city could offer her, although admittedly she was a little anxious. “My parents would tell me all these ways that they had always worked so hard to achieve what they achieved to get us here, and now it was my turn to make them proud and accomplish great things. And I admit, I was a little skeptical that I could.”


One of those great things was Genesis’ dream of becoming a midwife like the one who delivered her as a baby.  Not only was she able to engage in a research project in partnership with Brooklyn College that uncovered a lack of quality women’s healthcare in her neighborhood of Bed-Stuy, she organized a meeting with community leaders and organizations at a church in the neighborhood to identify some steps that could be taken to address those concerns. After petitioning city council members to allot funding for free women’s health clinic, her internship with a midwife at Woodhull Hospital cemented her passion into a plan. This fall she will enter SUNY Downstate to pursue a degree in Nursing with the goal of a Master’s in Women’s Health, armed with the real-world dynamic experience she received from Collaboration High School.

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Aaron Preyor


Aaron Preyor has just completed his senior year at CHS and is eager to continue his education. He knows that college will bring incredible opportunities, but also challenges and struggles. He isn’t worried.  Aaron has developed a strong growth mindset through the competency-based education he received at Collaboration High School. His literacy skills in reading and writing are strong, but they weren’t always. It was something that he needed to work on over time and was provided several opportunities to reflect on that progress at CHS.


Aaron is interested in a career in marketing. He realized that it was a passion of his through an 11th grade project that asked students to identify causes for low voter turnout in NYC midterms. He was asked to devise marketing strategies with his classmates to influence higher turnout. Following that he was able to land an internship with a school partner, HUGE Marketing Firm, where he learned how a variety marketing campaigns were created. Through CHS projects and internship opportunities, Aaron has realized the importance of collaborating with others on challenging tasks. These opportunities have allowed Aaron to identify the strengths that he brings to the table and desire to learn from others.

The picture is an example of a competency based transcript that our students at CHS will be using to monitor their progress and to send to colleges. Source: Mastery Transcript Consortium

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